Paradise on Earth: Pattaya Beach Thailand

Ever dreamed of visiting Pattaya beach Thailand? Making some plans for a trip to a soothing place in the world? Thinking about how you can make your children happy this vacation? Wondering about the best place to make your guests happy? What about the nightlife with your friends?

So are you planning to visit Thailand to fulfill all your above dreams? Are you thinking of going to the city of beaches in Thailand? How about visiting Pattaya? That can be a great idea!

About Pattaya

Pattaya has been known as one of the best tourist places in Thailand for its rich beaches and the comfort of the natural beauty. After Bangkok, Pattaya is the second most visited city in Thailand. The city is famous for its nightlife; however, you can also visit the city with your beloved family because of its daytime attractions.

pattaya beach thailandPattaya is the place where you can find peace of mind in the ambiance created by Mother Nature. It is the city known for its beauty in nature that makes you feel that you are in paradise. Many visitors have already found the ‘Natural Paradise on Earth’ in Pattaya.

One of the daytime attractions where you and your family, friends and guests can enjoy and feel refreshed is the Pattaya Beach Thailand. Pattaya is the Asia’s largest beach resorts and thus, one can find all the pleasures, adventures and luxuries of being on a beach.

Pattaya History

Was Pattaya always so beautiful and thrilling? Well, Pattaya was a small fishing village in Thailand, however, since its beauty has been explored, it has become one of the famous sightseeing places in Thailand and near Bangkok too. This famous beach resort has been known for its growth and enhanced beauty.

The old fishermen’s huts by the sea side were replaced by luxurious hotels and majestic bungalows. In today’s life, the Pattaya beach has many swimmers and the sunbathers coming from various parts of the world to find the endless fun under the natural light of the Sun.

Pattaya Beach Thailand

Pattaya Beach Thailand is divided into three zones mainly the North zone, the Central zone and the South zone. North Pattaya has many accommodations, restaurants and complexes for entertainments. It has many attractions like the Alcazar Cabaret, Central Festival Department Store and Tiffany Show.

The Central Pattaya has many hotels, beer bars, restaurants, go-go bars, shopping complexes and clothing shops too. Some of the famous ones are the Mike Shopping Mall and the Royal Garden Plaza.

South Pattaya or the Walking Street is known to be the most crowded area on the Pattaya beach. It is the favorite place for food lovers because it has many restaurants along the beach. The shoppers can find various shopping areas and the nightlife lovers can enjoy their nightlife too.

South Pattaya is crowded most of the time because there are several other shops where the visitors visit frequently. So apart from the restaurants and bars, there are many jewelry shops, clothing shops, sport equipment shops, souvenir shops and tailor shops in South Pattaya.

Especially on the weekends, the Pattaya Beach Thailand becomes crowded and many Thai visitors are seen there. Some visitors come from Bangkok, some come from other parts of the country and the remaining visitors come from various parts of the world. It is easy to reach Pattaya from Bangkok because one can travel easily by the air conditioned bus.

The visitors can stay in various types of hotels, guest house and resorts near the Pattaya beach. Scuba enthusiasts can enjoy and experience the underwater diving and several other water sport activities here. Though Pattaya has many beaches, almost all of them offer the excitement of the Banana Boat, Jet Ski, Water Ski and Parasailing.

In the past, the area of the Pattaya Bay or the Pattaya beach was important for the tourism, however, due to the growing importance of Pattaya tourism in Thailand, several other beaches in Pattaya are also gaining attraction of the visitors.

Apart from the Pattaya Beach, there are several other popular Thailand beaches like the Na Klua Beach, Wong Amat Beach, Dong Tan Beach, Jomtien Beach and the Na Jomtien Beach.

So now when you have known a lot about the Pattaya Beach Thailand, you are surely making some plans to visit it soon, right? You don’t want to miss every precious and happy moment of your life there, isn’t it?

So come along with your loved ones, friends, guests, children and family too. Pattaya Beach Thailand is one of the best places on earth for entertainment, refreshment, adventure, enjoyment and sharing the precious moments with everyone.

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