Kata Beach

Kata Beach

Kata beach is one of the western island beaches in Phuket. This is a very popular beach in this part of the country and it is a few minutes’ drive from Karon Beach. Kata beach is very spectacular among the other beaches in the island because of the serene environment. It has very clear waters and white sands. This is one of the most famous places in Phuket for visitors coming to Thailand to come and see. Anybody coming into this beach would have most eventful visits because of several interesting things to see and do in this wonderful beach.

Kata Beach is the favourite place to visit because of the number of adjoining beaches, great hotels, exclusive restaurants that offer first class and star treatment to the visitors. This is where visitors would get the most entertaining nightlife in the whole of Thailand. The most important thing is that most of the sightseeing places in Phuket are within this great beach. Kata is always full of activities for people coming into the beach irrespective of the time of the year they visit. Anybody planning to see the best of Kata waves should visit between May and October while those planning to see the sunset in Kata should come here from November to April. Kata beach is always bubbling with activities such that there would never be anything like dull moment on the beach.

Places to see and things to do in Kata Beach
What are popular in Kata are not just the sandy and white beaches. More than that, there are many sightseeing and attractions centers in different parts of the beach. There are countless colorful restaurants and bars in nooks and crannies of the beach island. This place is famous for shopping. There are other interesting places to see in this beach like the Buddhist Temple, Dino Park a favorite sightseeing place for the kids, as well as the Marina Phuket hotel and several others. Many of the visitors coming into the beach have a lot of things to view most of them are very close to the hills between the famous Rawai and Kata.

There are different Kata viewpoints and these viewpoints are the most visited part of the beach. Among the favorite viewpoints here are the notable Karon, Kata koi as well as the Kata Noi beaches. These are some of the busiest, tourists’ spots in this great beach. They are very busy most part of the year. The other great place to visit here includes the Plub Pla View point. The park at the top of this viewpoint is one of the best relaxation centers Kata. There is also the Kata temple, one of the most beautiful places in the beach. This temple is made unique by the surrounding mountains and tropical forests. The temple is one of the oldest buildings in the beach although it is well maintained. This is a must see for anybody that is planning a vacation to Kata beach.

Places to Stay in Kata Beach
Just as there are many sight-seeing places in Kata beach, there are many places to stay here too. One of the factors that make this beach unique for visitors is the tranquillity and seclusion of some parts of the beach. This is a perfect place for one to get the type of tranquil and unique accommodation one deserves. The serene environment of the beach makes it possible for the thriving of hotel businesses in the beach.

There are great hotels, inns and restaurants that give first class reservation facilities for their visitors. One of the great places visitors would not resist the urge of taking reservation is the Kata Country House. This has exclusive hotel services such as deluxe rooms’ as well as wood bungalows. This hotel is very important to people coming into the beach because of its strategic location. It is not far from the international airport and that is one of the reasons people take joy staying here. There are other great places to stay here and they offer comfortable hotel accommodation and they include: sugar Palm Beach, Kata Beach Resort and Spa, Malisa Villa Suites, the Color Kata, Savasdee Village, Eazy resort, Serene Resort, the Tropical Garden Resort are some of the great places visitors coming into the beach could relax.

There are different types of hotel accommodation here. It all depends on what one is willing to offer. There are expensive as well as budget hotel reservations available. Most of the hotels have many facilities that make broadband available and thus easy for the visitor’s computer activities. Nightlife in Kata beach could easily be compared to the best that Europe and other parts of the world have to offer.

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