Complete Guide to Railay Beach

Complete Guide to Railay Beach

Spending your vacations at a beach is a real fun thing to do and a very healthy activity as well. There are lots of tourists spots around the world like Historical buildings, Hotels ,Restaurants, beautiful sandy beaches , Resorts etc but here we’ll introduce you to a very beautiful place where you can spend your vacations, and can be ranked as one of the most beautiful places to visit ,it’s known as Railay beach.

Railay beach is a very small peninsula that is located in between two cities Krabi and Ao Nang of Thailand. Railay beach has lots of attractions for its tourists from all over the world and this beach has cliffs that are mainly composed of Limestone, So, these cliffs attract Rock climbers towards themselves. If you are fond of Rock Climbing then you won’t be disappointed by visiting this beach. Due to the presence of these cliffs Railay beach is accessible only through boat. Beaches are very beautiful and atmosphere is amazingly clam. Tonsai, West Railay, East Railay and Phranang are four major areas that attract Rock climbers from around the world.

Railay beach has white sandy beaches and hidden caves and lagoons inside the cliffs all formed naturally due to the water tides. You can spend your time by admiring and enjoying the natural beauty of Railay beach. You’ll experience that time stands still there. The most impressive and beautiful is the West Railay beach with silky soft sand where you can spend your day and night walking on the sand.

Phranang beach compared to West Railay beach is less developed but still centre of the night life. April, November are the busier months at Phranang , during this time of the year you can swim in low tide water safely and can easily access a small island and coral reefs as well. Limestone Cliffs naturally provide shade from hot day sunlight. There is also a Princess Cave or Tham Phranang Nok present in cliffs that is dedicated to ancient goddess of fertility. You can find different phallic symbols also known as Linghams inside the cave along with the offerings by local fishermen in order to gain increased vitality and prosperity.

For accommodation at Phranang there is only a deluxe Rayavadee, five star accommodations, with rich and delicious cuisines, unique and relaxing spas topped with warm and attentive services. You can start your day with energizing breakfast and dine at night with mouth watering cuisines such as lamb racks, succulent lobsters, classic salads etc. At spas you can pamper yourself through traditional body massages, body wraps, skin rejuvenating scrubs etc.

Similarly, Railay West beach also offers soft sandy beach, Restaurants and small community of locals. The most amazing time is sunset at the beach where you can see lots of tourist’s boats arriving and departing the beach. You can enjoy swimming and beach volleyball as well. This beach is very good for relaxing your body and mind.

Railay East beach is a very beautiful place to visit it is basically a narrow beach and you can say home for the mangrove forests. There are few restaurants on the beach which provide tourists a welcome shade and drink as they wait for their boats to arrive. There are few bars such as Skunk, Bamboo; Chock’s D etc. are also present on the beach where you can enjoy variety of cocktail drinks and music as well. There are Bungalows along the pathway that gives the sense of a small village. You can easily find restaurants and convenience stores here.

Last but not the least, Tonsai beach is also a treat to watch. A very beautiful place so calm that you would love to read your favourite book there. To get your body suntanned is another option on this beautiful beach. Tonsai beach is naturally beautiful lots of new things to see and explore there. It is very calm and quiet beach. You can swim, rock climb and play volleyball as well. Like other beaches Tonsai beach also has lots of restaurants where you can enjoy local delicacies, bars, climbing schools. You can also find few bungalow resorts on Tonsai beach. Few famous names are Andaman Nature Resort and Dream valley Resort. Night life is very beautiful and plentiful with different shows such as Fire shows, lives music bands performances etc.

In conclusion we can say that Railay Beach is a very beautiful place to spend vacations and considered as the paradise for tourists and climbers.

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