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Bottle Beach Thailand – Full Moon Fun


Bottle Beach Thailand is also known as Hat Khuat. This secluded beach is in the north of Koh Pha Ngan. The protective cove gives Bottle Beach its name, as the cove is indeed in the shape of a bottle when viewed from the nearby rock strewn path. Bottle Beach is by nature a very difficult beach to get to and it is only really accessible by a ride in a long tail boat taxi. The long tail boat taxi leaves from Chalok Lam and the trip will set you back between 50 Baht and 120 Baht dependent of course on your negotiating skills and the time of year.

Because Bottle Beach is reasonably difficult to get to, most visitors tend to stay for longer periods than they do in other tourist areas. This however does not deter day trippers arriving to sample the delights on offer on this wonderful beach. The pure isolation of the beach has caused it to be labelled by many as a low key, stress free place which has had the result of increasing its popularity. There is a choice of four places to stay at the beach, and it is worth mentioning in passing that the resort Bottle Beach II closes the whole resort down from 1 November to 30 November due to it being the Monsoon season. So if you want to have a romantic Loi Krathong, please do not plan on Bottle Beach Thailand as your destination of choice.

The true calling of Bottle Beach however, is its Bohemian lifestyle. Started by an intrepid bunch of western wandering souls, this beach is known by many for the relaxed atmosphere and backpack budget accommodation. This secluded hideaway is a mental clean out for those who visit.

Bottle Beach 1 Resort

Bottle Beach 1 Resort is described as a place where special occasions can be celebrated in absolute style. The resort will gladly organise any type of function for you from weddings to family reunions, nothing will be too much of a problem.  The rooms available are equipped with all of the most essential requirements of a beach party goer.  There are beach front and garden deluxe rooms available which sleep four and two people respectively. They range in price from 700 Baht to 950 Baht for fan equipped rooms to 1200 Baht and 1500 Baht for air conditioned units.

The Garden Family room which can sleep up to four people will set you back 950 Baht for the fan room and if you want air conditioning, this will cost you 1500 Baht. The lovely Beach front room is only available with a fan and sleeps two people for the nightly sum of 600 Baht. The Carrot Room with a fan which can sleep up to three people will cost you 1300 Baht, and the air conditioned version will cost you up to 2500 Baht per night.

The facilities at this resort are many and varied. The beach front restaurant is very pleasant as it is totally open to the elements which lead to a very pleasant experience whilst eating.  There is a massage spa available for those that need that extra bit of help to enable themselves to fully relax and unwind from the stresses and burdens of life. The centrepiece of the resort has to be the bar and swimming pool area. True relaxation and fun in the sun can be had in a safe environment here.

The activities that are available vary tremendously from snorkelling, diving, wind surfing.. You name it, and this resort has it all. If by some slim chance it is not immediately accessible, just have a chat to the staff..

Bottle Beach II Bungalows

Bottle Beach II Bungalows have a large number and variety of accommodation available. There are 18 beach front bungalows with a double bed and fan available in each. These have basic ablution facilities and will cost you 450 Baht off season and 600 Baht in high season. There are another three classes’ of accommodation available ranging in price from 400 Baht to 900 Baht per night depending in comfort level experience and time of year. Normal off season is taken as 6 January to 19 December, and high season the other 15 odd days of the year. This resort is closed November due to it being the Monsoon.

Smile Bungalows

Smile Bungalows in Bottle Beach boast an assortment of rooms ranging in size and style to meet most pockets. The smaller 18 square meter bungalow with double bed and a fan will set you back 450 Baht per night and in the other extreme, the 26.5 square meter bungalow sports a downstairs bathroom, a double bed and fan. This room will cost 650 Baht per night. The facilities are as would be normally expected in a resort of this type, with a great bar, restaurant with a barbeque area.

Haad Khuad Resort

Haad Khuad Resort used to be called Bottle Beach III and was rebranded to give it a separate and totally individual identity from the other resorts on the Bottle Beach scene. The resort clings to its well deserved chilled attitude and ‘on entry bin your watch’ kind of style. The vibe and ambience have truly remained unchanged, which is all to the good.

The rooms range in price from 1000 Baht to 1500 Baht per night sleeping from two to four persons. The functional rooms are fastidiously clean and well laid out. There is a great outdoor restaurant and bar available and the normal for this type of accommodation water sports are available. There is a foot note with this resort that they are closed 21 October to 20 December due to the annual Monsoon season.


Bottle Beach Thailand – summed up.

Bottle Beach Thailand is truly the laid back ‘capital’ of the island beaches. From the small settler band of backpackers who first congregated on this beach in the 1980’s, to the throng of people who attend every monthly full moon party, this beach has grown incredibly in a few short years. A place to come to relax, unwind and forget about life for a while. The sun, sand and song will keep your memories returning till you decide to return once again to Bottle Beach Thailand.




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